Being creative is the key to success in life. Most of us ignore our own unique traits and abilities when we should be embracing them every day. Being surrounded by a negative society can have an adverse effect on us. When we discover how to deflect chaos and convert it into meaningful energy, we grow stronger. This book explains how you can free your mindset and steer it in the right direction so you can get the most out of being a creative human. 

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50 Ways To Become a Better Choreographer

We would all like to know where we can improve, but never know where to start. 50 Ways to Become a Better Choreographer will show you a little bit of everything… from in class tips to production preparation advice. This book highlights the ideal mindset one should be aiming for in the league of performing arts, and will explain how you can build up from what you already know!

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Customer Reviews

Torron-Lee is a passionate and creative leader of London. Why do I say Leader? Because to overcome challenges, barriers, and blockages through ones life, you develop into a leader. Torron is very much this. He is oozing with creativity and this is told within the book. He has a unique passion, which can’t be contained, however why would you want to contain such passion, as in modern day, we need more people like Torron-Lee to be role models to our young generation, both in an artistic form and leadership form. This book is amazing because it gives you insight into Torron’s passions and motivations, which have afforded him some incredible successes. An incredible story, which must be heard!

Ben Forbes - Metropolitan Police, Transformation Directorate


Customer Reviews

Once I started reading it, I literally couldn’t put it down. One of the main things I loved about the book was your advice on how to deal with people who have ‘big egos’ who can have a negative effect on some people. I recently just completed my degree, a BA in Musical Theatre, and one of the things I really struggled with was negativity and people who like to bring others down. There was a constant battle for parts, and if you gained a part and talked about it through excitement, that part was somehow ‘taken away’ and given to the person you talked to. Reading your book, I learnt that it’s ok not to trust everyone and it is so good to be made aware that there are people like that in the everyday profession and not just in my university. Rise above and smile.

Shelly Grace - Dance Instructor Wales

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